wiguTec Gummitechnologie

GmbH & Co. KG

From the mixing process to the completed products

Before the manufacturing process starts we perform analysis and give detailed technical support to our customers. Therefor we are able to find an ideal solution to any problem.  All products are developed in our own laboratory.  

  • We design the ideal article geometry based on producibility
  • In our own laboratory we develop the right compound formulation 

  • We develop different kinds of consistent systems such as: silicone- stainless steel, silicon- plastics, rubber- plastics, rubber- metal, rubber- teflon, rubber- textile

  • We figure out the best ways of manufacturing and keep in mind economic factors

In a short amount of time we are able to work out the best methods for productions from first development to series manufacturing. With our new technology and production equipment, we are in a position to manufacture any product with higest accuracy.